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Discount golf clubs:  Is this a big enough discount?

Compare these prices!

"Our" T-7 Titanium Driver for $105, "theirs" for $299.

"Our" SVG-SII  irons @ $179, "theirs" at $699.

You will usually save about 70% by purchasing our discount golf clubs versus the expensive name brand golf clubs.

If you "must have" the name brand, then more power to you.  But if you want comparable, exceptional quality - and could handle saving a fair amount of money - we are a terrific alternative.  You won't lose one yard, or miss one green because of any difference in quality.  If performance and quality and price are all important to you, then our discount golf clubs are your answer.

We sell the latest golf club designs, at prices up to 70% less than the major brands.  Many of our models resemble the top name brands in design and style; and are absolutely equivalent in performance.  We use top quality, name brand golf shafts.  In many cases, particularly in our titanium drivers, for a minor shaft upgrade charge - you will get a driver SUPERIOR to the name brand driver.  (Our driver will be better because the shaft will be better, and a better fit to your game, than the "off the rack" name brand driver you pick up at the store.)

While the price you pay will be a huge discount in comparison to the equivalent name brand golf clubs,  you give up only one thing - the brand name on the bottom of the club.  You will not sacrifice quality, and you will probably get more options and assistance from us should you desire it.

We will also Spine Align your shafts for a nominal charge.  The performance of the shaft is a key component for a club to operate at it's best.

We call our clubs "discount golf clubs".  Some people call them "custom clubs" or "knockoffs" or "clones".  Check out "Clones/Knockoffs":  What are they and why are they so cheap? - by clicking on this link.

Enough of the talk.  Check out our various titanium drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and iron sets.  You'll get excellent quality, assembled by a Professional, at a price that won't break the bank.  (You're clubs will be built by an experienced clubmaker, not a 16 year old kid working a part-time job.)


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