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Custom golf clubs at prices up to 70% less than the major brands.

We will build your custom golf club set to the proper length, shaft flex, grip size.  We will also suggest for you, if you would like us to - what we feel are the best club designs for your game.  (Just supply us with some basic details about your game!)

If you require other than standard lie, many of our custom golf club iron sets can be adjusted up to +/- 2 degrees, at a charge of $3.50 per club.  We even have some models which can be adjusted +/- 4 degrees.

When you look through our various custom golf club models, you will see several models that resemble the major brands in design.

Some people refer to our golf clubs as "custom golf clubs", or "clones", or "knockoffs", "similar to's", etc.  Whatever you call them, they are a terrific option for the average guy or gal who doesn't have an unlimited budget for golf clubs - BUT STILL WANTS A QUALITY SET OF CLUBS.

To give you an idea of cost comparisons:

Callaway® Titanium Driver, 2 Fairway Woods, and irons.
All graphite shafts:  Cost @ $1500 to $1800, depending on model.

Our "Similar To" custom golf clubs:  @ $499
(Which includes the titanium driver, 2 Fairway Woods and a set of iron, all graphite shafts.) And only about $399 if you do the irons with steel shafts, and the driver and fairway woods with graphite.

If you "must have" the name brand, then more power to you.  But if you want comparable, exceptional quality - and could handle saving a fair amount of money - we are a terrific alternative.  You won't lose one yard, or miss one green because of any difference in quality.

If you aren't of "average" height, or "average" specs, then in most cases our custom golf clubs will be a much better alternative for you than the "off the rack" name brand golf clubs.  And at a far better price.

While the price you pay will be a huge discount in comparison to the name brand price, you give up only one thing - the brand name on the bottom of the club.  You will not sacrifice quality, and you will probably get more options and assistance from us should you desire it.  Custom golf clubs are the answer for the golfer looking to improve his game, at a reasonable price.

Enough of the talk.  Check out our various titanium drivers, fairway woods and iron sets.  You'll get excellent quality, assembled by a Professional, at a price that won't break the bank.  (And your clubs will be built by an experienced clubmaker, not a 16 year old kid working a part-time job.)



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