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Ladies golf clubs need to be different than men's golf clubs.  No surprise.

Women golfers, generally speaking, play better golf with lighter, more flexible golf shafts.  Thus in our ladies custom golf clubs, we use graphite shafts that meet this criteria, and also have a low kick point for a higher ball flight.

We do sell a lot of golf clubs to lady golfers.  You can customize your set, by picking the head style you want, shaft flex, length and grip.

OR you can get a GREAT deal on a pre-packaged Ladies set.

If you have any questions, and would like to discuss your personal golf game/situation, please feel free to give us a call.

Any of our golf clubs shown in the various categories (Titanium Drivers, Fairway Woods, Irons, etc,) can be built and assembled in a Ladies model.  However we strongly suggest the following:

For starters, check out the high lofted fairway woods.  The majority of women struggle with their irons.  If you don't hit your 5 iron, or 6 iron, or 7 iron consistently... check out the equivalent high lofted woods. These woods are great for women (and men seniors).  For the average player, who tends to have a slower swing speed, these are a definite game improvement golf club.


Our Favorite Fairway Woods


If you struggle with your irons, then take a look at these.

Available in 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 9 wood, 11 wood, 13 wood, 15 wood, 17 wood, 19 wood, and 21 wood.

(See the chart below for the equivalent irons to these woods.)


Bang Fairway woods: 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods.

Shown above are the Bang 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods.


Bang eleven, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen and nineteen woods.

Shown above are the Bang 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 woods.


The BANG fairway woods offer several options.  Available right handed and left handed in 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 9 wood, and even an 11 wood, 13 wood, 15 wood, 17 wood, 19 wood and 21 wood.

Oversize heads with a very large sweetspot.  Beautiful blue finish with silver face.

If you struggle with your irons, you will really love these high lofted fairway woods.

The 9 wood is equivalent to a 5 iron.
The 11 wood is equivalent to a 6 iron.
The 13 wood is equivalent to a 7 iron.
The 15 wood is equivalent to an 8 iron.
The 17 wood is equivalent to a 9 iron.
The 19 wood is equivalent to a Pitching Wedge.


Graphite shafts:  $84 each, or $224 for a set of three.
(Available in ladies flex, men's senior, regular, firm and stiff)

Set of 4 with graphite shafts:  $298
Set of 5 with graphite shafts:  $370
Set of 6 with graphite shafts:  $440
Set of 7 with graphite shafts:  $510
Set of 8 with graphite shafts:  $580
Set of 9 with graphite shafts:  $645
Set of 10 with graphite shafts: $705






The following picture shows the # 3, 4, 5 and 6.


The following picture shows the # 7, 8, 9 and PW.


Available right handed in the # 2 thru Pitching Wedge.  Men's or Ladies.

These hybrids have a bit stronger lofts than traditional irons, as follows:

# 2 loft = 15 degrees; # 3 = 18 degrees; # 4 = 21 degrees; # 5 = 24 degrees; # 6 = 27 degrees; # 7 = 30 degrees; # 8 = 34 degrees; # 9 = 38 degrees; PW = 42 degrees; SW = 45 degrees (this is really not a Sand Wedge... more of a gap wedge.)

So you should hit these hybrids a bit longer than traditional irons.  And of course they will be much more forgiving than traditional irons.

Price:  For a "full set" of 8 clubs in the 3-PW:

Steel shafts, any flex: $265;  Or Graphite shafts, any flex: $345.

With the purchase of the full set of 3-PW, we will give you a free club.. either the matching # 2 hybrid, or matching SW, or a traditional Sand Wedge or traditional lob wedge.

You do not have to buy a full set.  You can buy clubs individually, or as many as you want... Prices are as follows:

Individual club prices:  Steel shaft @ $49, graphite shaft @ $59.

Set of three:  Steel @ $120, graphite at $150.

Set of four:  Steel @ $155, graphite @ $195.

Set of five:  Steel @ $185, graphite @ $235

Set of six:  Steel @ $210, graphite @ $265


Hybrid headcovers available at $5 each.

Want your irons spine aligned?  Click here for an explanation.  Cost is $29 for the full set.

If you're looking for a titanium driver, or other fairway woods, or a traditional iron set... just click on the appropriate category on the upper left side.  Also, more hybrid available in the utility clubs/hybrids category.


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High Lofted Fairway Woods  (Nine woods, eleven woods, thirteen woods, etc.)

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