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Following are several optional driver shafts.

If you are interested in another shaft not included here, please let us know, and we'll price it for you.

Please note that several internet companies use super cheap shafts in their drivers.  The shaft is the "engine" of the golf club, and if the shaft is inferior, then it doesn't matter how good the driver head is.  If the shaft "stinks", the driver "stinks".  All of our shafts are quality shafts.  Of course, different shafts have different qualities, and for best results you want to pick out a shaft that works best for your swing characteristics.  If you want our advice, we'll be happy to make suggestions.  (We are busy, so please don't ask our advice if you're building your own clubs or planning on purchasing elsewhere.)

Here's a general guideline for shaft flex:


Flex    Swing Speed Driver Carry Distance
Ladies 40-70 MPH 100 - 170 yards
Men's Senior 60-80 MPH 170 - 200 yards
Regular 80- 90 MPH 190 - 230 yards
Firm 85-95 MPH 215 - 260 yards
Stiff 95 - 115 MPH 250 - 290 yards
Extra Stiff 115 + MPH 270 - 320 yards

A couple of comments:

1.  A rule of thumb.  If you're in a couple of categories, take the more flexible shaft if distance is your main goal; and take the stiffer flex if accuracy is your main goal.

2.  For slower swing speeds, usually the lighter the shaft, the better.  For very fast swing speeds, or very fast tempo, usually a heavier shaft is preferable to a lighter shaft.



The Paragon Ultra-lite.  Available in senior, regular and stiff flex.  The senior flex is the 53 gram shaft, the regular flex is the 59 gram shaft, and the stiff flex is the 65 gram shaft. Has a reinforced tip section, that increases the strength, durability and controls the degree of torque in each flex.

Cosmetics recently changed to Dark Gray.

This is the standard driver shaft for our custom clubs.




The Harrison Vibe is designed for a mid launch ball flight, and is classified as an ultra lite graphite shaft.  It weighs 70 grams (as opposed to a steel shaft that weighs about 125 grams).  It comes in a men's senior flex, men's regular, and stiff.

Add $10 to the standard priced driver.

The Harrison Lady FL lite is designed for the lady golfer with an average to slow swing speed. It is a very lightweight shaft, weighing only 55 grams.

This is our standard driver shaft for ladies.


The Harrison Striper Titanium (Blue) is a bit heavier shaft (75 grams) and is titanium reinforced.  It comes in men's senior flex, regular, firm and stiff.  It does tend to play stiffer than one would think.....

Price:  Add $25 to the standard priced driver.



The Harrison Pro 5.5 SL50 shaft is super light, and weighs only 50 grams.  It comes in ladies flex, senior flex, men's regular, and firm flex.  It is designed for the slow to average swinger, and is designed to give that player a bit more "kick" for added distance.  A great shaft for ladies and seniors, and slower swinging males.  Best for players with a smooth tempo.

Price:  Add $15 to the standard priced driver.


The Harrison Pro 4.5 is an ultra lite shaft and weighs only 60 grams.  It comes in ladies flex, senior flex, men's regular and firm flex.  It has a bit less torque than the Pro 5.5 shaft, and is more designed for average swing speeds, as opposed to slower swing speeds.

Price:  Add $15 to the standard priced driver.



The Striper J was designed by Jim McLean, and is used on the various tours.  It has several great features for the average to fast swinger.  It is reinforced with titanium "strands", and is specifically designed to reduce twisting with today's larger titanium heads. Also designed to reduce shaft lag.  Additionally it has a soft tip, for added distance.  This is a top quality, tour proven driver shaft.  It comes in senior flex, regular, firm, stiff and extra stiff.  (The shaft also comes in various weights: 65 grams; 73 grams and 85 grams.  So it can be custom fit to a multitude of golfers.)

Price:  Add $25 to the standard priced driver.



The Striper Tour is similar to the Striper J in design, and is played by several tour players.  It has a bit less torque than the Striper J, and is more designed for the player with a fast swing speed/tempo.  It again comes in various weights: @ 62 and 72 grams.  Available in regular and stiff.

Price:  Add $40 to the standard priced driver.



The Pro 2.5 by Harrison is designed for the strong player with fast swing speed, and/or a very fast tempo.  It has a very low torque of only 2.5. 

The Pro 2.5 is one of Harrison's most popular shafts on the Tour. Rory Sabbatini used it to win the 2006 Nissan Open. It has been used to score over 200 top tens on the PGA Tour and 7 World Long Drive championships wins.

It has one of the lowest overall torques in Harrison’s collection. The Pro 2.5 is ideally suited for the 460cc driver that is so popular today. Its mid launch angle remains the most popular flight characteristics sought after today.

A logical contrast to the popular stiff tip design, the Pro 2.5’s high performance construction fused with a mid tip stiffness to make it easier to get the ball air borne is an ideal shaft for golfers who seek a high degree of accuracy and playability.


Three models available, in a 53 gram, 63 gram and an 80 gram weighted shaft.

The 53  gram shaft  comes in regular flex, the other two shafts come in regular, stiff and extra stiff.

Price:  Add $40 to the standard priced driver.


UST Proforce 65 Gold Wood

The ProForce 65 is a light weight (71 grams), low torque shaft, with a stiff tip, and high bend point for a lower ball flight.  Proven on Tour, the ProForce Gold 65 is a great shaft for the better player.  Designed for distance and accuracy, an ultralight shaft for the strong player.  Available in regular and stiff flex.

Price:  Add $20 to the standard priced driver.


UST Proforce 75 Gold Wood

Proforce technology originated with Proforce 75 GOLD. The 75 GOLD is a tip stiff, low torque wood shaft that has a little more beef to it than most standard ultra lights. This allows strong players to really go for it off the tee. The high kickpoint helps keep the ball low, and the low torque keeps the shot pattern tighter on off center hits.  Designed for the strong player, with a faster swingspeed.
Weighs 77 grams in regular flex, and 81 grams in stiff and extra stiff flex.

Price:  Add $20 to the standard priced driver.



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