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Discount Golf Clubs - Custom Golf Clubs  
 High Lofted Woods, and High Lofted Hybrids

We've got a lot of neat stuff, from full hybrid sets, to high lofted fairway woods "11, 13, 15, 17, 19 woods", (that can replace virtually all of your irons) to Single Length iron sets..




        Check out the new SINGLE LENGTH HYBRIDS

The latest technology in Golf.

Just click here.


             Check out the new Single Length Irons

Maybe the hottest "new" thing in Golf.

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Free matching Sand Wedge with any iron set shown on the Iron Sets page (excluding the Single Length and Swing Science FC Plus One irons, and excluding hybrid sets unless otherwise mentioned.) 

Hybrid Option with any iron set.  Throw out the # 3 iron, and add a # 3 Hybrid for just an additonal $20.  You can do this for as many clubs as you want at $20 each (excluding the Single Length irons).





If you purchase an iron set as shown on the "Iron Sets" page, or a full Hybrid Set as shown on the "Utility Clubs" page; then you are entitled to a 10% discount on any Titanium Driver AND/OR any Fairway Woods purchased at the same time.


The best and latest golf club designs, at discount prices.

We've got a lot of neat stuff, from full hybrid sets, to high lofted fairway woods "11, 13, 15, 17, 19 woods", (that can replace virtually all of your irons) to Single Length iron sets..


To see the full hybrid golf club sets.... click on the link and just scroll down the page....Hybrid golf clubs.

To see the high lofted fairway woods to replace your irons, click on the link...High lofted fairway woods.

To see the Single Length Irons, click on the link Single Length Irons.

Or just click on the various categories in blue at the upper left side of the page....




If you're 6'1" or 6'4, or 6'7"....it's likely that standard length clubs are sure not helping your game.  In most cases, we assemble your clubs to the proper length for your height/measurements, at no additional cost to you.  (This applies to the clubs shown on the Irons page, drivers and woods pages, and hybrid pages; not the pre-packaged sets.)




  Spine Aligning is now available on all custom clubs!


Check out this Great Driver, from $105.00

(Just click on the picture)



This driver price starts at $105.  Click on the picture for more information.

Right and Left Handed





(Click on the picture for more info.)





Or do you hate Irons?? Do you struggle to hit quality iron shots?

If so, take a look at some full hybrid sets! or even the Bang fairway woods.. no irons at all.  Fairway Woods from the 3 wood all the way up to a 21 wood!

Most "slow swingers" have a hard time hitting quality iron shots.  As you get older, and the swing starts to slow down, the darn irons tend to get tougher and tougher to hit.  If this sounds like you, you just might significantly improve your game with a full set of hybrids, or a few high lofted fairway woods.




The X-9 Full Hybrid Set

(Shown is a 3-PW and Strong SW Hybrid set)




Click on the picture for more information on the hybrid sets....




To browse our site, you will find several categories in the upper left hand corner of our site... such as "Titanium Drivers", "Iron Sets", "Utility Clubs", "Kids sets", etc.



Many of our discount golf club models resemble many of the major brands.  Some people call them "custom clubs", or "similar to's", or "clones", or "knockoffs".  Whatever you call them, they are a  terrific alternative to the expensive name brand golf clubs!  

Why buy "clones" or "knockoffs"?

  • With our "similar to the major brands" (clone - knockoff) golf clubs, you can play better golf and enjoy the game more - by playing the latest golf club technology.

  • You will absolutely get hi-quality golf clubs, made of the best stainless steel or titanium, like the major brands. And made to the same weight specifications as the major brands.

  • Discount prices.  You will save a whole lot of money.  Our prices are usually about 70% cheaper than the major brands.

    (Click on the Clones-Designs button to get an idea why our prices are so much cheaper than the name brands.)

    For example, our Titanium Drivers are generally in the $105 to $130 range, while the comparable name brands are @ $399 to $500.

    Most of our steel shafted iron sets cost $159 to $199 while the comparable name brands run $500 to $700 and up.  (You could buy used golf clubs in the major brand models, and save yourself some money.  But then you're buying old technology.  If you're looking for quality and value in a golf club purchase, then the best option is the golf club "clone or knockoff" from Golf Clubs Fore Less.

  • What you won't get on your golf clubs (if you buy from us) is a Brand Name.  If you are the type of person that has to have the "name brand" on your golf clubs, then our clubs are not for you.

    But if a quality built, well designed golf club, at a REASONABLE price is important to you, then you will be extremely pleased with our golf club "clones" or "knockoffs".

    Note:  Some differences between our company and other companies doing this type of business:

    1.  All clubs (except for the pre-packaged sets) are assembled/built by a professional club maker - Tom Anderson.

    A few years ago we "outsourced" some clubmaking to a competitor/supplier.  The results were poor workmanship (clubheads flying off, ferrules sliding up and down the shaft).  We investigated and found out why.  They (and many of our competitors) hire part-time kids to do the assembly work.  It keeps costs down, but with constant turnover of these part-timers, quite often the assembly work is very poor.)  NEVER AGAIN!

    We assemble/build our clubs, and warranty our work.  You will get a QUALITY set of clubs, built by a professional.

    2.  Have a question?  Call us or send an e-mail. Unlike many of our competitors, we answer our phone and e-mails. (If they don't answer their phone or your e-mails, do you really think you'll get a quality built club, or they'll honor any warranty.)

    3.  Time frame:  We know you want your clubs as soon as possible.  We try to ship within 7 days for full sets, and 3-5 days for single clubs.  And often quicker than that.  If we are out of stock on something, and expect a small delay, we will let you know.  (99% of all orders ship within a week.)

    We have received several orders from customers who originally ordered clubs from other on-line sites, and three to four weeks later still had not gotten their clubs.   You'll get a great product from us, as well as excellent service.


    Check out our products and prices.  We've been in business since 1995, and even been featured on the ABC news segment "Best Buys in Chicagoland".





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Our company specializes in discount golf clubs, custom golf clubs, knockoff golf clubs, and clone golf clubs.  Additionally we specialize in ladies golf clubs.

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